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Life begins at 40

    It’s said that life begins at forty. Only one who crossed this line can understand it. We should live years rather than drag them out. Indifference and fatigue occur when the distinction between joy and sorrow is erased. Weeks and months fly on the merry-go-round of life. And suddenly you catch the eyes of possible happiness. The main thing is not be in haste to turn away the eyes.

    When I joined the company, with my friends already being there, I had known that there would be a man there whom I’d never met before. It was the astonishing feeling of nice communication for less than two hours. The decision to give contact details for further meetings was the most difficult stage. Many long days of independence accustomed me to the idea that I shouldn’t change my “loner” status. But something helped me to cope with the matriarchal independence. Hanging out and chattering in a circle of friends is one thing and being yourself alone with a likable man is quite another. However, thankfully woman still lived in my soul, and good breeding naturally prompted correct words. It took me less than three days to understand that I couldn’t imagine a day without meetings.

    Now that so many months have already passed, I laugh at myself, at that woman – doubting and irresolute. The fate presented me with late love - real, deep and so longed-for. And I had enough courage to open my heart. Though I may have overlooked it. Loving each other is a great piece of happiness and a great piece of work. Even young people under twenty can’t love the way over-fourties do. Now I know it for sure!

    Russian girl - Natali 25 y.o.

What is love?

    We often speculate upon what love is, comparing this feeling to various things, situations, thoughts and so on. Each person gives different interpretation of “love”. Someone believes it to be non-existent at all. Someone does nothing but live for it. Love is the hardest riddle for people never to be solved completely. It makes us change ourselves, think otherwise, see those things that haven’t been noticed before. Every time we think that finally we found love for life, but, alas, in fact everything is much more complicated. People confuse “crush” with “true love”.

    Love is not only animal desires and affection, skills in talking and common interests.

    Love is also a connection of two souls, when you drink from her grass and understand that the water is tastier this way. When you look at her without any make-up and realize that there is no better woman in the world and that here and now she is as beautiful as never before. When her habits don’t irritate you, rather, they melt you and her interests become your interests too. When you want to take part in every moment of your better half’s life.

    Love is when you eat her burnt cutlets and say that everything is so delicious…

    People seek for love often without noticing that it’s near. They create some images and come up with ideal body measurements. But all this is merely prejudice that puts obstacles in the way of getting the true love. Many skeptics claim that love is only a fairytale and that money and reason rule the world. But I, myself, was more than once a witness of how drastically people change being in love. When the chemistry inside an organism transforms not only mind but also physical defects. Suddenly a person makes a recovery from diseases, fears and alarms decrease.

    Love is the most marvelous thing that has ever existed in the world. The thing that can safe the mankind, our soul and life. We don’t even realize fully how profoundly it might change our life and make us stronger. And how many talents and abilities can be opened with the help of love.

    But, most important, is not to confuse love with a fancy. Real love can survive the test of time and distance, difficulties and challenges. Fight for love and be happy, build and create the beautiful. This world is so fragile and we have to care for it. May every person on Earth find love and it will heal him/her of illnesses and sorrows. May love bring happiness to all the houses and fill hearts and souls with boundless joy. Pray the Lord for giving you love. It’s the love that will bring you luck, health, happiness, joy and all the rest of it.

    Love and be loved…

    Russian girl - Olga 28 y.o.

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