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Russian girls are like apples

    The hot Russian girls are like apples. The most delicious hang on the top of tree. Many boys do not wish to climb up a tree to get tasty apples because they are scared to fall. Instead they take fallen apples from the ground, which are not so good, but easy-reachable.

    Therefore apples on the tree top think that something wrong with them, though actually they are excellent. They just have to wait for a man not scaring to climb up the tree top.

    So, boys, do not be afraid of difficulties and insist a bit! Russian girls will definitely appreciate it!

    Russian girl - Natali 25 y.o - Read more

Love, what is this?

    Love. Everyone sees it in own way. Someone is dreaming days and nights of every minute with the beloved person, someone sees him everywhere, but only in dreams. Someone is just dreaming of love. And the moment comes when dreams comes true!

    Here it is, you have been waiting for it so long, waiting for a feeling which will carry you away to the other world. This world does not exist, there is no problem, fuss, anxiety in your dream world. Just you, him and your love. So why when we long for this feeling, it does not come, but when it comes, we reflect if this feeling is a true love. How to understand if this is love?

    Probably, love is physical need in this person when you cannot live without him, when you dream of your future together, when you want to be with him every second? Yes this is, probably, love! Well, why in your mind there is a question "Do I need him?"

    How to avoid a mistake? It is hard. Everyone wants this feeling to be a true love. How difficult to understand that a man loves you, really loves, and is planning your life together. None wants that this love to turn into illusion. Because we don’t want hurt a close man!

    So, what to do? How to avoid a mistake? What feelings hiding the love appear in mind against the people’s own free will. How to save this feeling? If only we could find answers to these questions.

    Russian girl - Ekaterina 21 y.o - Read more

It is sad

    Another day has started. The sun winked at me, and made me think of my strange dream. I was in love with a blonde man in my dream, and even did not remember his face. Trying to explain to myself this dream, recollecting all that I knew from Freudian stuff, I couldn’t guess its meaning. But something disturbs my soul.

    By evening all my fears come true. It was one of those days when you realize that anyone may rule your destiny, but definitely not you. You are only a drop in the ocean of the time, moreover a drop which sometimes goes against the stream. Well, an electroshock works anytime effectively and hurts much.

    I think this time the danger was over, a patient escaped with temporal mental disorder, only it hurts much. Tomorrow, I’ll start mistake correction, but now I’m going to reset all my life, promising to myself not to tempt fate. I recommend you the same!

    Russian girl - Olga 19 y.o - Read more

Just a little about outer and inner world

    I often ask myself what people are attracted at, good looks or inner world. What captivates and fascinates people? What makes a ground for relations? I love people so much and it always was important for me to believe in the best that I don’t care how a man looks, the most important for me if he is smart and interesting, that’s it. But I am here at this site.

    At first, I was confused by messages like ‘no photo, no reply’ or ‘I don’t chat with anyone without her pic’. Why? A person may have numerous reasons don’t load a picture. It means that you a priori deny a possibility to meet potentially interesting and smart people just because they didn’t put a picture?

    Later it got even worse. When I added my photo, I discovered that about 90 % of men write to me even without reading my profile. It hurt me even more. So, it means that a man says like I don’t care what did you point over there and what did you want to say, it is enough for me that you are pretty.

    What am I talking about? I’m saying that a fair face may fade, but a beautiful soul lasts forever. All of us sooner or later are getting older and becoming less attractive than used to be. Only a soul will remain the same. And if it was poor and dull, it will remain drab, and if it was luxury and copious, the rest does not matter.
    Love and take care of each other for your souls not looks! Good luck!

    Russian girl - Svetlana 23 y.o - Read more

A Russian woman is not a housekeeper

    A modern Russian girl wants to be not just a "kitchen, house, kids" woman, she needs to be a qualified specialist at work, and a psychologist for surrounding people, to discuss and express her individual opinion in a men society. She does not want any indulgences, she does not want any regrets and doubts, first of all, she respects and appreciates herself as a person, she is proud to be a woman.

    Why our society mostly refuses it? Who told that such girl cannot be a good and careful mother, or an attentive wife?! Most of men consider that a Russian woman should keep the house, and a man should make money. And that’s it! But I consider that a Russian woman should work! To work not to earn, or to compare her to a man, but to look always gorgeous, to be a smart, interesting and intellectual woman!

    Why it is difficult to be like this being at home? Because when a Russian woman every day keeps the house, and brings up children, she does not want to care of herself to put a make-up or dye hair roots. Finally, she turns into a "fat untidy woman", she loses her growing children’s respect, and she is not an interesting and gorgeous Russian woman anymore!

    Russian girl - Irina 26 y.o - Read more

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A Little Advice for Men

    Hot Russian girl dream Hot Russian girl dream to find a fairy tale, and for them it is possible to create illusion of thisfairy tale. Russian brides like ears: they too trust words and build conclusions on them, instead of on the facts. They trust in everything if You speak about it indirectly.
The Russian bride will believe a phrase " I thought, that more never I shall grow fond. But I have met You, and ice has thawn in heart ", it is much more, than classical " I love You ".
Push the girl to the necessary conclusion, and she will believe all. Words it is possible to draw a mirage attractive men - to create illusions of the man of dream.
# Family #
    Family Be before lady the man for which the family is in a place of honour. Speak, as strongly You love parents, brothers and sisters that are ready for the sake of them on all and do not think existence without the family center. Recollect cases from the childhood, showing unity with family, dream aloud of that family which want to create.
# Children #
    Children Show, that You love children. Tell about how you like to play with the nephew or the child of friends. Dream of that, how many you want to have children, as though you brought up them, speak about that, how many they to you bring pleasures. Use designs such as " if at me the son was... "
# Love #
    Love Russian girl that they did not speak, trust in " love up to a coffin ". Indirectly note that love for You - the finest feeling, that You will offer all for the sake of loved that paradise on the Earth at respect and mutual understanding is possible.
Recollect love novels, melodramas and the vital histories singing of love. To the lady disappointed with love declare: " Even if to find such love it is impossible, I shall trust, as I trusted always, because if there is no love I at all do not understand for what to live... " These words will penetrate up to depths of soul and will kindle ice!
# Friendship #
    Friendship Tell about the best friend, how appreciate attitudes with it. You always support it, and it You a difficult minute. Recollect a case from the past with Your participation, tell, that are happy from one idea about his existence. "... In fact so it is fine, when there is a person who perfectly understands You... With which it is always pleasant (specify itself)...
Which always appears a number when to You it is bad... Never will turn away from You... Will embrace You... With it is comfortable and safe... " Russian bride do not have present girlfriends, and they gravitate to men who are ready to listen and support them.
# The nature #
    The nature The theme of the nature dulls conscious sphere. Declines, kinds of the sea, mushrooms, pets, landscapes, the polar lights, jungle, flowers, falls, canyons, small rivers, fields, birds, fishes, trees in a wood - these themes create a romantic atmosphere which does not suffice Russian girl.
# Matrimony #
    Matrimony Any Russian bride wants to find partner in life. And You as the man of its dream, mention that a marriage - the finest and sacred union.
And if You have been married, frequently would arrange suppers at candles with romantic dances, sometimes would come from work early to arrange a small holiday, would leave with the wife on the nature, would arrange love orgies in a bathing room... They in all this safely trust. Also the phrase perfectly operates: " I want to care of You, as about the woman ".
# Purposefulness and confidence #
    Purposefulness and confidence If to You these qualities prove their presence by the speeches are not peculiar. Hint that You the person responsible, that go up to the end in achievement of the purpose that concern to business seriously.
Tell about an occupation in which aspire to reach tops. Show itself the man which knows that it wants and as it to reach. Accept responsibility for all event and make of the decision when You near to the woman, and she will believe, that You can be the man of its dream.
# Honesty in attitudes #
    Honesty in attitudes As in the world of sincerity it is not enough, the Russian girl will feel that she for a long time searched - for honesty in your words. It is for certain sickening it from set of dishonest people around of it.
Tell, that You prefer to build the attitudes based on sincerity, and she, being guided by female logic, will instantly draw a conclusion, that You the person fair, and You can trust.
# Alcohol and smoking #
    Alcohol and smoking Alcoholics make the big percent of the population of our country, therefore absence of harmful habits is appreciated by Russian woman worth its weight in gold.
Pretend teetotal and non smoking - You lift the reputation in opinion of the woman. She will start to inspire herself, that You its ideal. And an ideal to lose it would not be desirable!
# Respect for the Russian girl #
    Respect for the Russian girl Do not speak the Russian girl that in this world the supporting role is prepared to it. Be indignant each time when hear from it about the ignoramuses asserting, that rights of the Hot Russian bride should be limited. Admire to it as with the person, speak about its unique wide soul. Only the man of female dream can so to speak.
Hint that respect all Hot Russian girl - except for what concern disrespectfully to You. Concede to Russian women of a place in public transport, help in any physical work. Express injustice of discrimination to a sexual attribute. Thus You will show yourselves the person fair which understands Hot Russian bride much better than others.
# Presence of principles #
    Presence of principles Create to itself healthy vital rules if those at you are not present. Think up to itself something positive in opinion of the russian ladies, observe a new precept at its presence and explain to it, that it is your vital principle.
To not swear bad words, to not litter in the street, to not sit on a seat in transport, to not smoke, to not postpone an affair on a closing date, to congratulate on holidays of all fellow workers - everything if only it was pleasant to the Russian girl. Now You on a step are closer to a female ideal of the man of dream.
# Art and poetry #
    Art and poetry Pretend to a gourmet of any musical style, ask familiar to draw beautiful figure and present the Russian woman on its own behalf, invite her in a museum where all beforehand have studied and can tell, study the biography of known architects, sculptors, artists, writers, poets, musicians, actors, scientific, quote satirists, admire with books and films. If can show own talent, do not hesitate, use the resources for achievement of an end result.
# Material prospects #
    Material prospects Hot Russian girl are practical! You should impress the person, perspective in the material attitude.
Show the Russian girl the machine, an apartment, a summer residence if those are available, think up to itself fast growth of career, tell about real or unreal business or tourist trips abroad, hint it, that can take next time her in I shall drive behind expensive cloths and the African rhinoceroses.
# Protection #
    Protection Russian bride are practical! Not only from violence, but also over any external and internal intrusions. This item is most important previous, taken together. Protection - all this, that Russian girl demand from us. If you will provide her, they will do for You everything, that you will wish. It is protection against hooligans in the street, from crowd in a rush hour in the underground, from the grumbling old Hot Russian bride in shop, from falling in the bus and from a cold wind. Protection against also is necessary for the girl. And it not only encouragement when to it is bad, not only absence of criticism to address of its aggression or depression.

Except for the aforesaid Russian girl have desire to overestimate the self - estimation. Any of them does not want to look the whore, any of them does not want, that loved its body, instead of soul. Even the Russian bride with empty soul counts itself matchless sensual and gentle nature. Everything, that it is required - to notice this nature from the man of dream. Speak lady about its sincere qualities, it is proud represent its friends and relatives, congratulate her on holidays, speak pleasant words before and after the sexual certificate, do not disregard bad words in its address on the part of close people, never behave so, as if her is not present beside.

And she will be sure, that the man of its dream it You. Naturally, it is completely not necessary for You to do it if the Hot Russian woman for You means nothing.

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